Tuottokiinteistöt offers the client an easy and liquid way to invest in the real estate market. The fund emphasizes high rental cash flow when selecting investment targets.


More than 10% net rental income

The fund aims for a high rental cash flow from all its properties


The fund’s liquidity management is productively enhanced through REIT investments

Instead of outsourcing, we use our Group’s own expertise in property management

The team responsible for property management has decades of experience

We invest with you

Investors House Group is a permanent anchor investor in the fund

The fund is subscribed 4 times a year

Property Distribution
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Area Distribution
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The special investment fund Investors Yield Properties invests in domestic high-yield properties. The fund’s objective is to achieve a clearly higher total return than the average return on the real estate market, which is achieved by emphasizing a high rental cash flow in the selection of investment targets. Investments are diversified both geographically and by property type.

The fund aims to achieve a total return of more than 8% after expenses and is suitable for investors who want to diversify their investments into real estate holdings in Finland and appreciate the high rental yield. The fund is open four times a year and the minimum subscription is 5,000 euros.


The historical performance of the Fund is not a guarantee of future performance. The value of an investment may rise or fall and the investor may lose the funds they have invested.