From passion to dividend growth

Our company was founded with a passion for finding quality dividend payers. We wanted to provide a clear and understandable solution to the complex investment world.

Clarity and predictable growth

The story of Investors House Rahastot began in 2009, when the financial crisis ravaged the investment world. The idea behind the company was that stock investing had become speculation and excessive monitoring of the secondary market, the stock market. There was no factor in the market that focused on analyzing the business of companies and looking for predictable growth, rather than following the stock market. When reflecting on the investment philosophy, the growth in per-share dividends proved to be the clearest criterion for measuring the return and growth of the company on the investor. Our investment philosophy, which is based on dividend growth, gave our company originally the name Dividend House.

The first Equity Fund, Nordic Small Cap, was established in 2010. Our Nordic Equity Fund is a good example of  the strenghts of our investment philosophy. This success inspired us to increase our supply through Europe to the wider international market. Indeed, our most recent Equity Fund, Global Aristocrats, is already investing globally in large companies with many years of successful dividend growth and the prospects of continuing to grow in the same growth path for many years to come.

In recent years, we began to wonder whether we could bring a similar pattern of thinking to another asset class. Real estate quickly emerged as the alternative asset class for us due to a clear return on investment and we began to look for real estate investments in an efficient and professional manner. In 2018, Investors House was selected as our partner when we realized that our investment approach was convergent. Together we can create even more added value for our customers and today we are part of the Investors House Group as key members of our company continue to be minority shareholders. In real estate investments, our philosophy is to seek good and stable rental income. Our first real estate fund was established in late 2018 and reached its target size in May 2019. Later on, in June 2020, the name of our company was changed to be Investors House Rahastot.

Thanks to our customers for the success of our company. Since its inception, the operating principle has been to provide clear and transparent investment solutions. Our uncompromising principles and easy-to-reach customer service have created long-term customer relationships with us and make every day work to ensure that our customers’ high expectations are met every day. We also want to welcome new customers to join us in building the next chapter in our story.

Equity funds

We aim for increasing dividend yields in our equity funds every year. Our investment philosophy offers predictability and stability.

Real Estate Funds

We offer funds that meet the requirements of professional real estate investors and are now available to all our clients.