Nordic Small Cap

The fund invests in small and medium-sized Nordic equities.
Predicted earnings per share growth is a key investment objective.

The fund is well suited for the long-term investor who wants to enjoy the high return potential of small listed companies, but through the stability of an investment philosophy that focuses on dividends.

Performance history and investment breakdown

Nordic Small Cap - osinko


Dividend paid

In a-series dividends are paid annually to the customer’s account. In b-series dividends are reinvested within the fund.

Land breakdown of investments

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Sector breakdown of investments

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Fund Introduction

The Investors Nordic Small Cap Fund, which invests in the Nordic countries, is the first fund in the Investors House Rahastot and so it has the the longest history. The Nordic countries offer interesting opportunities for investors, as growth companies in small economies have had to go international at an early stage in order to achieve sufficient growth potential.

In view of the size of the market, the Nordic countries have a very diverse selection of high-quality international companies. The industry mix varies from country to country and the independent currency areas bring their own distinction to the Nordic countries. Depending on the situation and perspective, currencies offer flexibility, opportunity, diversification or risk.

The fund aims to find Nordic quality dividend payers that can offer predictable dividend growth regardless of economic cycles. The portfolio is formed with emphasis on stable industries, but at the corporate level seeking strong, sustainable competitive advantages and growth. The sector selection seeks to have a defensive nature for the portfolio, ie to reduce the impact of economic and market fluctuations on the investment performance of the investment portfolio and to avoid large fluctuations in prices. At the same company level, however, the emphasis is on growth potential and efforts are made to find profitable, forward-looking companies to secure the revenue potential.

The Nordic countries are close by and we seek to meet as many investment targets as possible. Meetings with the target company management help you understand industry trends and measures and levels of ambition to achieve growth and ensure shareholder value.

The historical performance of the Fund is not a guarantee of future performance. The value of the investment may rise or fall and the investor may lose the assets invested.