Global Aristocrats

The Dividend House Global Aristocrats Fund invests its assets in companies that have for many years increased their dividend per share and have the potential to continue to increase their dividend per share for years to come. The fund has no geographical or market value constraints.

The fund is well suited for the long-term investor who wants to invest in quality companies over the cycle.

Performance history and investment breakdown

Global Aristocrats


Dividend paid

In a-series dividends are paid annually to the customer’s account. In b-series dividends are reinvested within the fund.

Land breakdown of investments

Global Aristocrats - Donitsi01

Sector breakdown of investments

Donitsi02 - Global Aristocrats

Fund Introduction

The uniqueness of the Investors Global Aristocrats Fund is based on exceptionally stringent criteria for the stability and quality of the business of the portfolio companies. One indication of this is the uninterrupted history of growing dividends over several years. In our opinion, these companies are in the best position to continue to increase their dividends in the coming years. The Fund may invest its assets without any geographical or market capitalization restrictions.