Finnish Alternative Investment Fund Manager

Investors House Rahastot is an independent Finnish fund management company. We offer our clients an easy and reliable way to invest in good quality dividend paying companies.

Numerous studies as well as success of many well-known investors show that dividend investing is a highly profitable investment strategy. This is no wonder, since investing in high-dividend stocks is investing in quality companies that put the shareholders’ interest first.

Our goals in investing are increasing dividend and long term value appreciation. We meet each company we intend to invest into and we favor companies with robust business model and strong balance sheet and companies we expect to be able to grow their business and increase dividends consistently. We have been able to reach our goals of increasing dividends each year since inception.

Equity funds

We aim for increasing dividend yields in our equity funds every year. Our investment philosophy offers predictability and stability.

Real Estate Funds

We offer funds that meet the requirements of professional real estate investors and are now available to all our clients.